5th European Choir Games and Choral Grand Prix of Nations

October 28-November 5, 2023  Norrköping, Sweden


Once again beautiful Sweden will host the event, which is famous as a European version of the World Choir Games – the Olympic Games of Choral Music.

After the unforgettable experiences of the last event in Gothenburg 2019, in 2023 choirs from Europe and around the world will meet in the city of Norrköping for choir competitions, concerts, workshops and international exchange – in a nation that is famous for its choirs and singing.

The city of Norrköping, located 160 km south of Sweden’s capital city Stockholm, is an former industrial city that has turned to culture and knowledge innovation.

The home of the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, with several venues located in the city’s old industrial landscape, will be the center of the European Choir Games 2023 where all choirs can meet, sing and celebrate together.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of it! You could become the next Champion of the European Choir Games?

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